Daily Archive: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pakistani scientist granted bail from Ajmer jail

The 80-year-old ailing Pakistani scientist Dr Mohammed Khalil Chishti, who was granted bail by Indian Supreme Court on Monday in a two-decade-old murder case,

How PPP has Evolved

By:Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi The party of the past is not the party of the present Political parties are integral to democracy. It is

Ms. Younas’ suicide stirs Pakistan

Fakhra Younas went under the surgeon’s knife 38 times, hoping to repair the gruesome damage inflicted by a vengeful Pakistani man who had doused

PTI’s Rural Governance Support Plan

It is difficult not be overwhelmed by Imran Khan’s passion when he is talking in hyperbole about his oncoming “tsunami”. One felt even more

British MP’s advice to Pakistan

Renowned British politician and first Muslim and youngest member of British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that Pakistan needed evolution instead