Daily Archive: Friday, April 20, 2012

The pressures on a child prodigy

Child prodigies are an eclectic bunch; being  on the fast-track in the lane of life at such a tender age makes them so. Although, some go on to commit

Bengali courts rule against Pakistan tour

Bangladesh’s proposed tour of Pakistan is unlikely to go ahead after a court ordered the plans be suspended for a month due to security

Peshawar Cancer hospital needs more equipment

Overburdened with cancer patients, the Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (Irnum) awaits government assistance to buy new equipment and improve its healthcare facilities.

PCB shocked at Bangladesh courts decision

Pakistan cricket authorities on Thursday voiced astonishment at what they called an “extremely disturbing” development after a court in Dhaka ordered Bangladesh to postpone

The Famous Five’s approach to food

Josh Sutton Enid Blyton’s heroes, now 70 years old, had an approach to food that we could all learn from Seventy years ago this