Daily Archive: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lack of accountability in foreign policy making

I gave a lecture last night at the Cape Ann Forum, on the topic of America’s changing position in the world and what it might (should)

PAC directs Govt to withdraw luxury vehicles by June 15

By Shahbaz Rana ISLAMABAD: In a rare move, the top parliamentary watchdog has directed the government to withdraw all luxury and bullet-proof vehicles being ‘illegally

Taliban responsible for Bannu jailbreak promise to free more prisoners

By Zahir Shah The Pakistani Taliban, on Tuesday, released a video showing the attack carried out by them last month to release prisoners from the

Integrated search can bring Google up to pace with Facebook

Growing interest for Facebook’s coming IPO has put the focus back on Google, cited by many as the last IPO to generate this kind of

Obama administration unlikely to carry out ‘war zone’ factories in Pk

Karachi: The United States’ plan for establishing war-zone factories in Pakistan’s tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan now looks most unlikely to be pursued during the