Daily Archive: Monday, May 28, 2012

Israel’s wall

By Toaha Qureshi Perhaps we have all heard the oft repeated joke; when an American tourist came to Israel with the intention of visiting

How to tell an idiot from the lot

By Pervez Hoodbhoy These days astonishing science claims abound in the media (there’s one fairly recent one in this newspaper too!). For example, a self-taught

Newborn’s kidnapped in hospitals

Cases of infants being taken away from hospitals — in some cases by persons seeking to adopt a child — have occurred before. Such cases

Amnesty International steps in to save Shia prisoners

DUBAI: Amnesty International on Monday urged Saudi Arabia to free Shia prisoners arrested for taking part in “peaceful” protests and those detained without charge in

Hating on Islam

By Mani Khawaja Revelations that the American military has been teaching its future leaders about the necessity for a total war on Islam have shocked