Daily Archive: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to deal with pseudo-important issues in Pakistan?

By Feisal H Naqvi Let us try to recap some — just some — of what has recently happened. A real estate billionaire first meets

Excessive use of smartphones are bad for health

People are risking their health by working on smartphones, tablets and laptops after they have left the office, according to the Chartered Society of

General Kayani inaugurates US funded road project for S. Waziristan

By Kamran Yousaf Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated a US-funded road project in South Waziristan Agency on Monday — a move that

Tax evasion and other irregularities exceed Rs.33 billion

By Mubarak Zeb Khan While the government is struggling to reduce the spiralling budget deficit, auditors have unearthed tax evasion and irregularities of more

The creator of “ Waderai ka Beta”

KARACHI: Has the catchy phrase “Saaen tau saaen, saaen ka kutta bhi saaen” tickled your funny bone? Comedian Ali Gul Pir has now become the