Daily Archive: Friday, July 6, 2012

Pakistan’s two cents to the Higgs Boson Particle

KARACHI: Few Pakistanis know what the Higgs boson is and even fewer realise that some of the earliest theoretical groundwork that led to this discovery

Young doctors willing to return if their conditions are met

Contrary to the official announcement in Lahore overnight that the Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) has called off its strike, no striking doctor resumed work

Travel Destination – Multan City

Located smack in the middle of orchards, wheat fields, a desert and a flowing river is Multan- the great melting pot of history. The

The madness of Religion

By Nadeem F. Paracha On Wednesday, 4th of July, a frenzied mob broke into a police station in Bahawalpur (South Punjab). The mob’s target

Revolutionary breakthrough in bio- robotics- Biomechanical legs

Scientists in the United States say they have made the world’s most advanced pair of biomechanical legs, bringing the goal of human-friendly household robots