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Melting glaciers, GB areas flooded, river blocked

Another Attabad? Artificial lake created in GB due to melting glacier An artificial lake has been formed after a glacier melt has swollen Barsuwat

ECP’s initiative to help voters, SMS info service

ECP takes ‘digital measures’ to aid voters on July 25 The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken several technology-oriented measures to assist voters

Take health issues seriously to avoid travel restrictions

(By Asma Ghani) Threats of travel ban, global isolation loom. Federal health authorities have warned that Pakistan could face international isolation and harsh travel restrictions

From Adiala to Sihala, With threat comes relief

Adiala Jail authorities are reportedly planning to shift Maryam Nawaz Sharif from Adiala Jail to Sihala Rest House apparently due to security reasons, reliable

When its time to celebrate

Momentous things are happening in our national politics. The media is in a state of frenzy. There is euphoria, but very little cause for