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Cows more sacred than people in India

Another violent incident of cow-vigilantism has been reported, this time from Betul district of Madhya Pradesh where members of a so called ‘cow-protector’ outfit

Political “beef” in India, hiding the facts

Film-maker speaks on her documentary, Kakkoos, on manual scavenging, and the political situation in Tamil Nadu It was on February 26 that Divya Bharathi, a

America’s Confederate past and current dilemma

Over the weekend, a car plowed into a crowd following a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. One woman died. While Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

Hope for a new born with heart issue

Family hopes online plea can save their newborn (By Ali Ousat) July 29 is a date with little significance for most, but it was on

India unsafe for all

Attackers even tried to grope the woman student inside the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary Seven students, including a woman, were allegedly attacked by a group