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Lahore terror attack – No surprise

LIKE so many past terrorist attacks, there was forewarning of the latest suicide bombing that struck Lahore on Monday. Yet the carnage could not

Silencing Rational Voices in Pakistan

By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Despite recent trends in legislation and public opinion, one still assumes, in keeping with the commandments on which the republic

Grammys 2017: Its Adele all the way

Adele won album of the year for “25” and both record of the year and song of the year for “Hello.” • Beyoncé gave

Faces: Solo show by Bilal Ashraf Butt

A solo exhibition of 44 art pieces by Bilal Ashraf Butt, portraying how complexities of life affect the morphology of human faces, as well

Pakistan super spy pigeon tricks Indians returns to Pakistan

Indian police officials have claimed a ‘spy’ pigeon they had captured earlier this week has ‘escaped to Pakistan’. The bird ‘managed to escape’ due