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The most dangerous volcanoes on our planet

(By Matthew Blackett ) An eruption of Mount Etna recently caught out some BBC journalists who were filming there. The footage was extraordinary and highlighted

Media’s nonconstructive role in national issues

(By Hamza Tariq Chaudhry) On 20th April, Pakistan as a nation stood divided. More than a year after millions of documents leaked to the International

Saudi Arabia’s discrimination against women continues

Saudi Arabia’s Shura or Advisory Council, in a sign that the kingdom is polarized over Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s plans to diversify

Who is responsible to gender bias in Pakistan

I recently watched a ten minute clip of a ‘discussion’ on some news channel featuring three Pakistani men, the voices of the Muslims in

NAB to Ehtesaab to court

The appointment of a National Accountability Bureau official to a key post of director at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission on deputation was challenged