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USA to give refuge to threatened bloggers

The United States (US) condemned as “barbaric” Thursday the latest killing in Bangladesh of an outspoken opponent of radical Islam and said it is

1857 War of Independence – a dispassionate view

Columnist Hamid Hussain looks at the 1857 War of Independence dispassionately. Introduction ‘If this be the policy it will be working its own ends

Why Muslims must lead the war against extremism

Asad Shah was a much-loved Muslim shopkeeper in Scotland’s second city of Glasgow. Embodying the slogan of his mosque: Love for All and Hatred

Inter-religion trust: Muslims caretakers of Christian holy site

(By Oren Liebermann) The key to one of Christianity’s holiest sites is held by a Muslim family, and it has been for centuries. This

Tainting Islam

We Muslims like to believe that ours is “a religion of peace,” but today Islam looks more like a religion of conflict and bloodshed.