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A hero without a fancy costume

He created a charitable empire out of nothing, masterminding Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation. Today Abdul Sattar Edhi is revered by many as a national

Karachi a victim of corruption and greed

(By FAHIM ZAMAN, NAZIHA SYED ALI ) There’s Bollywood music blaring from somewhere. The tables at an outdoor tea stall are packed and waiters rush

Poor performance of Justice and law enforcement pushing people toward parallel systems

A government school teacher was fined Rs900,000 by a jirga in Larkana district recently after he was found guilty of raping and impregnating his

Something’s cooking in Karachi railroad cars

You may now also catch a train, not to travel anywhere, but to fulfil your gastronomical needs, as a few railroad cars or coaches

Nawaz Sharif and his international travel expenses

Pakistan’s billionaire prime minister has triggered outrage in his homeland after billing $2.2 million per year in travel expenses and spending one-fifth of his