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Hindu extremist Hindutva after beef, targets goat meat too

There was a time about two generations ago when a large number of Hindus used to refrain from eating chicken. This was not because

India’s Hindu extremists explain how to beat up Cow offenders

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) gau raksha vibhaag (cow protection department) has a piece of advice for young cow vigilantes+ on how to handle

India growing slavery problem

“No one can imagine such a painful life. There is much torture on me and I am punished even for my minor mistakes like

Another cast based death in India

A mother hanged herself in India after a council of elders punished her family for her suspected extra-marital romance with a lower-caste man, a

Indian army, Trained to rape

When Kanhaiyya Kumar said, “Indian Army rapes women,” he must have known that he was hitting a hornet’s nest located at India’s jingoistic nuclei.