Bounty placed on Lyari’s most wanted criminals

KARACHI: Sindh home ministry on Tuesday announced bounty on most wanted criminals of the troubled Lyari neighbourhood of Karachi, DawnNews reported.

According to a notification issued by the ministry, head money of Rs 2 million on Uzair Baloch, Rs 3 million on Baba Ladla, Rs 1.6 million on Ibrahim Katchi, Rs 1.5 million on Rashid Rekha and Rs 2 million on Zaman Mehsud has been declared for capturing them dead or alive.

On the other hand, the government of Sindh has offered surrendering option to gangsters belonging to the banned People’s Aman Committee (PAC) who are putting up tough resistance in the ongoing “grand operation” for last five days.

Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri has said that the option was up for grabs for the criminals who would put down their arms and cooperate with the government.