British MP’s advice to Pakistan

Renowned British politician and first Muslim and youngest member of British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that Pakistan needed evolution instead of revolution.

He was speaking at a seminar on “International scenario, Pakistan and our Responsibilities” organised by Directorate of Student Affairs at Faisal Auditorium here on Tuesday.

Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran, Director Students Affairs, Chaudhry Iftikhar, senior faculty members and a big crowd of students attended the seminar.

Lord Nazir said Pakistan could become one of the best countries in the world as there are huge reservoirs of gold and coal and there is no lack of talent.

But, he said, true leadership will be required to achieve this goal.

He said that the current year is full of challenges as elections are taking place in other important countries like the US and France.

He said that the Western economies were touching their lowest in the last ten years and the US had gone under the debt of trillions of dollars.

He said that when the conditions worsen, the responsibility had to be put on somebody’s shoulder and Iran was likely to be attacked by the US or Israel in order to get votes.

He said that we are in favour of denuclearization of the region but it should be started with Israel.

He said that if Iran will be attacked, the Muslim nation should unite against these powers.

He said that the US had fixed the head money of Hafiz Saeed purposively to keep Pakistan in defensive position.

He said that the distance between super rich class and the poor is growing in Pakistan.

He said that our Ulemas should promote the message of love and friendship and avoid hate in the society.

He said that we would have to promote the culture of volunteerism in Pakistan.

He advised the students that revolution in education sector could be staged if they spared a little time in a week to teach a boy.

He said that Pakistanis were playing their role in the development of the United Kingdom and many Pakistanis and Muslims are working at key administrative positions in government sector, which should be considered a symbol of hope for the people in Pakistan.

While praising Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran, he said that through his efforts, Punjab University has not only become best university in Pakistan but also been ranked in the 15 percent of best universities throughout the world in the latest study.

He congratulated Dr Mujahid Kamran and his team for this achievement.

In his presidential address, Dr Kamran said that Lord Nazir is the first Muslim who became the member of British House of Lords and entered the House with the Holy Quran in his hand as according to its tradition, every member was accompanied by Bible or he/she had to touch Bible while entering the House.

He said that Lord Nazir responded non-Muslims with comprehensive arguments and courage on certain issues.

Earlier, Director Students Affairs Chaudhry Iftikhar welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of the topic.

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