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Calligraphy exhibition starts in Lahore

Punjab Council of Arts organised an exhibition of calligraphy by eminent calligraphers yesterday at Alhamra Art Gallery. As many as 125 artworks have been

Lahore Literary Festival in New York – Celebrating arts and culture

To many international observers, contemporary Pakistan is synonymous with political instability, poverty, and violent extremism — a reputation solidified by a March terror attack

New York to host LLF

The Lahore Literary Festival (LLF), one of South Asia’s premier cultural events, will come to the Asia Society in New York on May 7-8,

Pakistan’s first jazz music festival

(By Mehek Saeed) An ensemble that rarely performs in Pakistan, Sachal Music played for eager audiences in Lahore last weekend. Music aficionados made their

Pop legend Prince dies at 57

As first reported by TMZ and confirmed by the AP, Prince has died of unknown causes at the age of 57. The music legend was hospitalized