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Silencing Rational Voices in Pakistan

Despite recent trends in legislation and public opinion, one still assumes, in keeping with the commandments on which the republic was founded, that we

Exterminating terror: Zarb-E-Qalm

At the start of the year, during the International Conference on Language, Literature and Society–attended by poets and writers from Turkey, Iran, Spain, Afghanistan,

A Few Words, and a Voice

Languages are conduits of human heritage, and when a language is lost an entire worldview, knowledge and culture of the people who spoke it

People before Heroes

Pakistan does not lack talent; it lacks a direction to harness that talent. In every field, profession, and walk of life, the country has

Indo-Pak relations and the Indus Water Treaty

The 1960 World Bank-mediated Indus Water Treaty (IWT) has survived the harshest of wars, clashes and conflicts between India and Pakistan. The history of