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Journalism under threat in India

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released its annual Global Impunity index, ranking India number 14th on this year’s list of states with the

Inside Modi’s India

Mentioning Modi’s name in ‘negative news’ is a crime in India. A senior journalist Abhishar Sharma of ABP News was ‘suspended for 15 days

Me Too: Growing

India’s Me Too movement took off this month as several women in powerful and influential positions took to different forms of social media to

The immoral guardians of morality

We are a nation of hypocrites… hypocrisy is in our blood. The wimpish administration at our educational institutes, corrupt police, weak governance and confused

Birds of Feather Flock Together

As the money laundering investigation starts unraveling the dark details of how Pakistan’s wealth was illegally smuggled out to various bank accounts in different