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When personal egos surpass national interest

Pakistan is led by politicians who have such large egos that anything can be sacrificed for it even national interest. Time and again they

A Question of Priorities

For as long as one can remember, Zafar Ali Road in Lahore has been a stench-laden stretch of tarmac with an open sewer meandering

The Dollar Economy of Pakistan

I have been closely following developments on two economic issues. First is a court hearing on setting the price of milk in Karachi. The

High Tensions at the LoC

India and Pakistan share a 3,252 km long border, 767 km of which forms the military control line called the Line of Control (LoC)

A tribute to Senator Farhatullah Babar

Senator Farhatullah Babar is a thorough democrat and maintained his independent position on legislation and policies considering the merit of each proposal. He strived