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When hypocrisy becomes the norm

It seems hypocrisy and deception are a norm rather than an exception in our society. From a citizen to the PM, cabinet members, judges, generals, journalists,

Wisdom in Troubled Times

These are troubled times, or so it seems. The dust over the Panamagate issue had hardly settled in the wake of the Supreme Court

PML-N’s Rifts

The former PM embarked on the three-day GT road rally aimed at amassing public support to apply pressure on the SC verdict. But, the

Her choice

The senator from Queensland, Pauline Hanson’s stunt in the Australian parliament sparked the age-old debate on the relationship between the veil and women’s liberation.

The Elite’s Burden

It is highly unfortunate that Pakistan still struggles with effectively castigating cogent cases of encroachment on children’s rights. Much of the problem lies within