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America’s police racism continues

Hundreds of protesters defied a midnight curfew Friday and continued demonstrations in Charlotte, North Carolina over the fatal police shooting of a black man.

PTI’s coming protest: what to expect

Traffic on the dual carriageway leading from the Adda Plot crossing, on Raiwind Road, to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s palatial home in Jati Umra

Defiant India block UNHRC from visiting IHK

Despite India’s diplomatic counter-manoeuvring, Pakistan is succeeding in “internationalising” the Kashmir conflict as the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday sought access to the

Indian Army brutality forced Kashmiris freedom fighters to react

17 Indian soldiers killed and any injured when freedom fighters stormed the administrator camp of 10 Gorkha Punja Regiment of 12 Brigade Headquarters located

Why Asif Zardari is afraid of Dr Asim tongue

Former PPP petroleum minister and close Zardari crony, Dr Asim Hussain has spent almost a year behind bars. Also the owner of Karachi’s Ziauddin