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Pakistan needs a soft image backed by soft policies

No fancy fashion show can soften the harsh reality that upon their return — the missing bloggers needed to look for asylum abroad In

Government trying to silence sane voices

This is a tyrannical tactic: make circumstances so hostile that even the most lukewarm tweet critiquing the government or the military comes across as

FGM: Sudan’s women of change

‘Our midwives are our ambassadors’ In eastern Sudan’s Gadarif city there is a school with a special mission. It is educating the country’s future

Role of Reggae in dissent in India under Modi

An Indian reggae musician builds a Jamaican-style sound system to energise a wave of protests defending free speech. Indian musician Taru Dalmia is convinced

India def to the plight of young Kashmiris

Gradually, but perceptibly, almost inexorably, the Kashmir Valley appears to be slipping out of control – again. Since the death of Burhan Wani, a