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Age of dis-information

One of the biggest paradoxes in this age of hyperlinks, 24/7 TV channels, and a supercharged social media is the demise of objective reality.

Is media in Pakistan in need of major reforms?

(By Saleem A Sethi) Pakistani media is once again at the center of a fierce debate but for all the wrong reasons. But once

Indian SC’s ruling on Defamation and Free Speech

(By Krishnadas Rajagopal) State’s duty is to protect reputation, says apex court ruling on batch of petitions by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, Congress vice-president

The Panama Papers and the media hoopla

The panama papers whirlwind it seems will not die down in Pakistan, much to the dismay of the current government and especially the premier.

Which way is TV media heading

Television news has been – and currently remains – the most powerful platform in the world for news and information. For more than 50