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Politicians and Twitter: Tweet responsibly

THE internet revolution that came to Pakistan in 1996 has, 20 years on, had massive impact on all walks of life — academic, cultural,

Being a female journalist in Pakistan

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) announces the release of its research titled “Surveillance of Female Journalists in Pakistan”, a pilot study that explores the gendered

Role of televsion media in Black Lives Matter

The country’s ongoing discussions about the deaths of unarmed black men and women at the hands of police inspired a number of pop culture

Pakistani media giant wins the court battle

(By Jo Vale) The chief executive of Pakistan’s largest media group, has been awarded £185,000 in damages after a series of accusations that he

2016 saw 57 journalists killed in the line of duty

At least 57 journalists have been killed around the world in 2016 while doing their job, Reporters Without Borders said on Monday. The press