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Before we (and the media) forget Zainab

Yes…you know, the young girl who was murdered in Kasur and her body found on a rubbish dump? Her. Oh yes, I remember now.

Indian RAW kidnaps journalist for exposing Indian spy terror links

Indian newspaper The Quint was forced to retract its news supporting Pakistan’s stance regarding RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav, following the government’s pressure and “disappearance/or

Twitter’s “diplomatic immunity” for Trump

(By Abby Ohlheiser) The 3 loopholes that keep Trump’s tweets on Twitter Whenever the president of the United States tweets something like this: North Korean

Disappearing lines between real and virtual worlds

The internet is fast becoming a daily necessity, integrating itself into our daily routines – even for the times when we may not even want

Freedom of speech and Vietnam’s cyber force

The deployment of 10,000 cyber warriors to fight online dissent in Vietnam adds a grim “new dimension” to controls on free speech in the