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Media owners’ self interest biggest hurdle in freedom of press

Little help from state institutions One can observe that in the 21st century and more so in the preceding months, journalism in Pakistan has not

Journalists, free press and press on sale

Udo Ulfkotte’s book “Bought Journalists” (Gekaufte Journalisten) was scheduled for publication in English in May 2017 under the title “Journalists for Hire”. However it

Plot to close Wiki Leaks & contain Julian Assange

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull can seize this opportunity to defend the life of an Australian citizen and bring Julian Assange home.  THE PERSECUTION of

India’s obsession with lynching, WhatsApp becomes a trigger

A WhatsApp text circulating in some districts of India’s central Madhya Pradesh state helped to inflame a mob of 50-60 villagers into savagely beating

Gaza: Neglected and rejected by the world

Gaza’s economy has collapsed but its residents cannot do anything about it. Humanitarian, socioeconomic, political and security conditions in Gaza are inexorably worsening. The great majority