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Media’s nonconstructive role in national issues

(By Hamza Tariq Chaudhry) On 20th April, Pakistan as a nation stood divided. More than a year after millions of documents leaked to the International

Trump’s bullying can’t scare the press

President Donald Trump’s relentless media bashing has become one of the most persistent tropes of his cacophonous early time in office. He and his

Trump is a byproduct of flawed media

By Mowahid Hussain Shah President Trump has been railing consistently against what he has characterized fundamentally as “dishonest media” in the US.  The question

Media and Public Interest

Although the concept of ‘public interest’ has been elusive and polysemic, and thus controversial, a simple definition, drawn from the field of public policy

Viceroy’s House – An honest review by Fatima Bhutto

Gurinder Chadha’s Raj film Viceroy’s House begins with an ominous warning: “History is written by the victors.” It sure is. The empire and its