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How is Islamophobia on the rise

Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed Monday morning that a van crash at Finsbury Park Mosque is being treated as a potential terrorist attack. She

Fall of Twitter as a reliable news source

little over a week ago, as I was preparing for bed, I heard through the grapevine that there had been an explosion in Turin,

BOL campaigns, PEMRA under threat: PEMRA campaigns, BOL under threat

While the world was celebrating ‘Press Freedom Day’, in Pakistan the government it seems was busy attacking the ‘free media’. The Pakistan Electronic Media

Media’s nonconstructive role in national issues

(By Hamza Tariq Chaudhry) On 20th April, Pakistan as a nation stood divided. More than a year after millions of documents leaked to the International

Trump’s bullying can’t scare the press

President Donald Trump’s relentless media bashing has become one of the most persistent tropes of his cacophonous early time in office. He and his