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Insecure minds fear dissenting voices

(By Huzaima Bukhari) Dissenting voices: cause of insecurity? “Will dissent be permitted? The answer to that question will determine whether the society is a

Press freedom vs National Security

(By Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari) Muzzling the press Pakistan, as a democracy – albeit a faltering stumbling, tossing one – should allow the airing of

Separate culture and politics – Will “Raazi” release in Pakistan?

(By Komal RJ Panchal) Meghna Gulzar on Raazi’s release in Pakistan: Cultural exchanges should not be driven by politics Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi which stars Alia Bhatt

Censorship in the Media

Geo concedes to military pressure after going off air for two weeks and agrees to self-censor When Pakistan’s largest and by far its most

Better reporting of sensitive issues

Sometimes an incident shapes a national narrative and sparks public action. On January 4, 2018, a six-year-old girl in Kasur was kidnapped, raped and