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Bollywood veteran actress expresses desire to return to Lahore

From spending her childhood in the lanes of Lahore to starting her journey as a radio artiste, Kamini Kaushal has a very special place

Anti “Super Bugs” weapon – Platypus milk

The World Health Organisation calls antibiotic resistance one of the “biggest threats” to global health today. As antibiotics become less effective against infections, mortality

Uber and Toyota aim for self-driving technology

Toyota and Uber in talks on self-driving tech Uber is discussing the possibility of installing its self-driving system in Toyota vehicles as the US

Driverless cars to soon become a regular feature

Unmanned vehicles will appear in regular traffic in three to five years, and people can soon travel in automatically-driven cars on expressways between Beijing

Female birds sing too

Only male birds sing. For years that was the assumption among amateur birdwatchers and ornithologists alike. After all, male birds are “the obvious ones,” says Lauryn Benedict,