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UK’s Brexit can cause Brainexit

The government is being urged to act swiftly to halt a post-Brexit brain drain which threatens the international competitiveness of the UK’s university sector.

Plastic eating caterpillars discovered

Federica Bertocchini, a researcher who studies chicken embryos in Spain, is a beekeeper in her spare time. She was cleaning some old beehives recently and

Burn extra fat with these pre-workout snacks

Turning your body into a powerful and efficient fat-burning machine before each workout is not difficult anymore. Knowing the best foods to eat pre

Trump, TV and more

During a small working lunch at the White House last month, the question of job security in President Trump’s tumultuous White House came up,

Must listen 15 greatest double albums

Prince’s Sign O’ the Times is everything a great double album should be: sprawling, creatively fertile, daring and dizzyingly eclectic, the way it zigs and