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Escaping the justice system…Sharif style

Sharif’s playbook to escape justice; 2017 edition. PML-N government ministers and their supporters in the media are continuously trying to give the impression that

PIA’s ex-acting chief escapes to Germany despite corruption probe

(By Qadeer Tanoli) Ex-acting PIA chief: Flying off home, German evades corruption probe Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is still investigating corruption charges against former acting

Disqualified PM’s son in law spews venom against minorities

Has Captain Safdar shown the real face of PML-N? PML-N lawmaker and son-in-law of former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, Captain Safdar while launching a

India going Hindu extremist, destruction of Taj Mahal

Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, a cabinet minister in Uttar Pradesh, has said that the Taj Mahal was “rightly kept out” of the tourism booklet recently released the

Big political names exposed by Uzair Baloch

(By Naeem Sahoutara) Uzair Baloch spills the beans Gangster Uzair Baloch confessed to committing criminal activities in connivance with the Karachi police and political set-up