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What are the options for the Sharifs?

(By Iftikhar Ahmad) Sharif’s options Currently two ‘principled politicians’ are languishing in Adiala Jail, while the rest are busy engaging in classic and traditional

Crime may be equal, criminals are not

Unfair advantage in Pakistan is being allowed and perpetuated by the state With Maryam Nawaz and her father in jail, and Captain Safdar already

India’s WhatsApp mob attacks, lynchings continue

(By Sugam Pokharel and James Griffiths) India WhatsApp rumors: Mob kills man in latest attack, 30 arrested Indian police arrested 30 people after a

India’s open support for terrorism in Balochistan

Exploiting the Baloch India has inaugurated office of “Free Baluchistan” at New Delhi on 23 June 2018. A ceremony was held to inaugurate the

Pakistan’s non-Muslim voters

Residents of Bahar Colony get smelly, dark brown water in their taps. Each family living here spends many hours every day carrying water from