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From Adiala to Sihala, With threat comes relief

Adiala Jail authorities are reportedly planning to shift Maryam Nawaz Sharif from Adiala Jail to Sihala Rest House apparently due to security reasons, reliable

NAB to hold back political arrests

The Natio­nal Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday gave some relief to the election candidates facing corruption cases by deferring their arrest until after polling

Indian army officer goes missing after report against his superiors

Ranju Singh, the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Dharamvir Singh, has sought the help of Manipur police and social organisation to find and protect her

Journalists, free press and press on sale

Udo Ulfkotte’s book “Bought Journalists” (Gekaufte Journalisten) was scheduled for publication in English in May 2017 under the title “Journalists for Hire”. However it

Why is Pakistan in a state of economic crisis

(By WAQAR MASOOD KHAN) Worsening economic situation Vagaries of Consciousness The country cannot wait for the formation of a new government to start the