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Trump’s condemning the condemned policies

A Syrian doctor and nurse have borne witness to Syrian war crimes. But they can’t travel to the U.N. to talk about it. In

Trump’s travel ban challenged by tech giants

(By Jethro Mullen, CNN) Top U.S. tech firms are preparing to join the legal fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Companies including Twitter

Being a Muslim in Trump’s new America

(By Mona Chalabi) Last week, I stood staring at my bathroom shelf. How many new rolls of toilet paper should I buy? The question is

India only for upper caste Hindus

So inured to injustice have we become as a society that the Mumbai High Court’s outrageous judgment in the Mohsin Shaikh murder case has

Trump’s anti-Muslim stance challenged

Immigrant and refugee advocates on Wednesday denounced White House plans to temporarily stop receiving refugees and suspend visas for people from seven Middle Eastern