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Extremist Indian Hindus murder Muslim for beef

Muslim man beaten to death in India for allegedly slaughtering cows A Muslim man was beaten to death by a mob in India’s Madhya

Don’t you dare criticize Israel in USA!

The news that Israel killed more than 60 Palestinians on Monday alone, has sparked criticism from Americans who are frustrated with the United States’

Post Brexit UK will be racist

Brexit and Theresa May’s immigration policies have made Britain a more racist country, the United Nations has claimed. A UN inspector provoked a backlash

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem: What do Palestinians want?

How are Palestinians reacting to the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and violence in Gaza? Noura Erakat, a human rights attorney and assistant professor at

In Italy, Pakistani women continue to suffer

(By Afnan Khan) Pakistani-Italian women lead miserable lives in Sana Cheema’s hometown, say activists Local activists of Sana Cheema’s hometown in Italy have revealed