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Kababs and religion in India

Lucknow’s century-old eatery, Tunday Kababi reopened on Thursday after a brief break due to shortage of meat because of a crackdown on illegal meat

U.S. man sets fire to an “Arab shop” owned by Indians

Police charge 64-year-old man with arson after he attempted to set shop ablaze to ‘run the Arabs out of our country’. A man in

Trump’s bullying can’t scare the press

President Donald Trump’s relentless media bashing has become one of the most persistent tropes of his cacophonous early time in office. He and his

Empowering women

PAKISTANI liberals and conservatives are politically more alike than they think. In their respective journeys to claim the high moral perch, both groups are

Fueling Islamophobia through travel bans

On Monday, March 6, in Washington, DC, Donald Trump issued another executive orderrestricting the entry of Muslims. The second rendition of the Muslim Ban