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Deported Pakistanis accuse Bahrain authorities of torture

At least 450 Pakistanis who were sent to Bahrain to join its army were deported back home after allegedly being kept hostage for 19

UN report claims Israel abuses Palestinian children in prison

The ill-treatment of Palestinian minors held within the Israeli military detention system is “widespread, systematic and institutionalised,” a report Wednesday by the UN children’s

Youth Parliament holds workshop on human rights

“Imagine living in a country where state does not provide security to your family or property, where you’re asked to renounce your faith and

Missing angels of India

By Natalia Antelava The death of a student who was gang-raped on a Delhi bus has prompted anguished soul-searching about the place of women

Who will provide affirmative action in India?

Consumed with weapon purchases, maritime capabilities and external threats from China and Pakistan, India has it seems neglected to peek at the state of