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India: Karnataka CM calls India most dangerous place for journalists

A senior Indian journalist was shot dead by unidentified attackers in southern Karnataka state, its chief minister said on Tuesday, confirming the country as

India’s slave labour

Six out of 10 laborers toiling in southern Indian quarries for granite for tiles, fireplaces and kitchen counters around the world are working in

Political “beef” in India, hiding the facts

Film-maker speaks on her documentary, Kakkoos, on manual scavenging, and the political situation in Tamil Nadu It was on February 26 that Divya Bharathi, a

Lebanon: Finally rapist cannot escape punishment

Lebanon on Wednesday joined other Arab nations in abolishing a law that lets rapists escape punishment if they marry their victims in a move

Indian Occupied Kashmir Celebrates Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day 14th August 2017

In Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan’s Independence Day was celebrated with the singing of Pakistan’s national anthem and shouting of “Long Live Pakistan” slogans in Srinagar,