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Panchayat sanctions rape of a 17-year-old as retribution

When revenge becomes justice (By Enum Naseer) A panchayat sanctions the rape of a 17-year-old as retribution after her brother rapes a 12-year-old girl in

Corporal punishment: a perversion in Pakistan

IN 2006, Pakistan made a commitment to abolish corporal punishment. In the last 11 years, a number of laws on the subject have been

The forsaken citizens of KP and FATA

At the crack of dawn every day, 15-year-old Kashmali steps out of his house alongside Kohat Road in Peshawar’s Badaber area, where many of

Transgenders in the post-colonial world

the Urdu language equivalent for ‘transgender’ in Pakistan, was the title of the chief eunuch in the Mughal court. Eunuchs were royal slaves who

The lesser known children of Pakistan

Even on a Sunday morning, Ibrahim Hyderi is abuzz with activity. Bazaars are brimming with motorcycles, cars, autorickshaws. Buyers and sellers are trading all