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Nawaz damaging Pakistan and its democracy

THE moral and practical cases are clear. The prime minister must himself quit, JIT report apart, as for months he has failed to prove

Its been a year – Qandeel’s Murder

The legacy of Qandeel Baloch is not simply that she flung the doors of debate around Pakistani female sexuality wide open but that she

Internet under surveillance in China

China’s latest maneuvre in a sweeping crackdown on internet content has sent a chill through a diverse community of filmmakers, bloggers, media and educators

Modi’s state sponsored murders in India

Is gau rakshak violence a problem in India? If so, what can be done to solve it? The non-profit data journalism website IndiaSpend has

When sedition is not sedition

SC has ruled that sedition only applies when there is incitement to violence I’ve long suspected we lack the facility to strike the right