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Lahore terror attack – No surprise

LIKE so many past terrorist attacks, there was forewarning of the latest suicide bombing that struck Lahore on Monday. Yet the carnage could not

India’s across the border terror activities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Nafees Zakaria on Thursday said that there is “ample and undeniable” evidence to prove India is involved in financing

Indian attempt of surgical strikes will be dealt with deadly force

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Monday reiterated in the Senate that Pakistan’s armed forces would respond with full force if India tried to carry

The nuclear war devastation

Indian and Pakistani politicians frequently raise the spectre of a nuclear war whenever tension between the two arch-rivals escalates. Needless to say, very little

India’s cowardly forces continue to target children, civilians

At least 10 children were injured, three of them seriously, when Indian troops opened fire on a school van in Azad Jammu and Kashmir