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FAFEN report says political violence claimed 36 lives

Thirty-six people were killed and 87 injured in 16 incidents of political violence between March 16 and 22 across the country, compared with the

Pakistan criticizes India’s hydropower projects on Chenab

Pakistan has raised technical objections to three hydropower projects being constructed by India on River Chenab, terming their various design parameters a violation of

Pakistan’s female rangers: Battling danger and stereotypes

Since the inception of Pakistan, women have been a part of the military service. Whether it has been a part in the healthcare or

Punjab caretaker CM to be discussed in parliamentary committee session

A six member parliamentary committee will meet for the second day to select caretaker Punjab chief minister out of four nominees here on Monday

Who is Mir Hazar Khan Khoso?

Little known to Pakistanis until today, Justice (retd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso — the country’s sixth interim prime minister — faces the daunting task