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Impaired Justice in Bangladesh’s war crimes case

By DAVID BERGMAN Instead of the death penalty, the protesters at Shahbag should be demanding fair trials for those accused of war crimes in

How are we going to get rid of “Muk-Muka” democracy in Pakistan?

By Dr. Haider Mehdi NOTE: Several readers who reviewed my last week’s article (“Fraudulent Intentions – Deceptive Motives,” Opinion Maker March 2nd) have asked a

Flood victims sell govt allotted houses

An investigation by the government, on complaints filed by flood victims, has revealed that at least 12 families have sold houses allotted to them

Youth Parliament holds workshop on human rights

“Imagine living in a country where state does not provide security to your family or property, where you’re asked to renounce your faith and

Fatima Group’s IED-proof fertilizer formula

A Pakistani firm has invented a new formula to make fertilisers that cannot be converted into bomb-making materials, diplomatic sources told Dawn. The firm,