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Sarbijit’s body has been sent home

After spending 22 years, eight months and three days in a Pakistani prison, convicted Indian spy Sarabjit Singh returned to India on Thursday not

84% of Pakistanis want Shariah according to the latest poll

The latest US-based PEW Research Center survey, released 11 days before Pakistan goes for elections, shows that 84% of Pakistani Muslims favour Islamic sharia

Prisoners can vote!

For the first time in history, 1,170 of the total 60,000 prisoners in different jails of the Punjab have been allowed to participate in

Ministry not making estimates for gas infrastructure tax collection

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources is not making any projections for collection of gas infrastructure development cess from consumers in the next

Sarbijit, the spy India wanted back, is dead

Convicted Indian spy Sarabjit Singh succumbed to his injuries at Jinnah Hospital here on Wednesday night, reported private TV channels. The head of medical