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Why Do “They” Hate “Us”?

Keynote Address On March 9th, 2017 – Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s 57thAnnual Interfaith Institute In my many years of experience as a Muslim interfaith educator

Kababs and religion in India

Lucknow’s century-old eatery, Tunday Kababi reopened on Thursday after a brief break due to shortage of meat because of a crackdown on illegal meat

Indian soldiers’ lives don’t matter to no one

The Indian Army is no longer what it used to be. It changed from 1990 onwards, when the focus shifted to counter-insurgency operations, and

Pakistan needs to focus on technical skills development

It is essential to equip students with technical education to help boost their capabilities. It will also help the country to move to the

Muslims travelers cell phones will be probed at US airports

Muslim travellers, coming in or go­ing out of the United Sta­tes, are often asked to hand over their cellphones and share their passwords with