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Global view of freedom of press

Illiberal regimes are clamping down on independent media across the world ACROSS the world, freedom of the press is atrophying. According to scores compiled

Victory for Muslim women is a proof of Sweden’s credible systems

Sweden Muslim woman wins case for not shaking hands at a job interview Farah Alhajeh, 24 years old, was applying for a job as

Modi starts to realize defeat in Kashmir policy

Amid signs of thaw with Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wed­nesday distanced himself from a militarist line on Jammu and Kashmir, saying

“Two Finger Test” – A rape after a rape

The doctor examining a 15-year-old rape victim put a medical glove on his hand and inserted his two fingers into her vagina. With her

Indian army’s fake encounters and denial of justice for victims

“When it comes to Kashmir, the institutions and justice system turns blind. Nobody can understand what we have gone through all these years.” Bed-ridden