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Silencing Rational Voices in Pakistan

By Xenia Rasul Khan Mahsud Despite recent trends in legislation and public opinion, one still assumes, in keeping with the commandments on which the republic

Punjab gets 97% Railway funds

(By Qadeer Tanoli) In its ongoing drive to repair, renovate and reconstruct stations of Pakistan Railways, the PML-N led federal government has so far

Trump’s condemning the condemned policies

A Syrian doctor and nurse have borne witness to Syrian war crimes. But they can’t travel to the U.N. to talk about it. In

Pakistani youth’s future in the hands of the ignorant

(By Atta-ur-Rahman) The plight of science and technology in Pakistan was recently highlighted by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain during

10 billion humans to feed by 2050

(By Rabah Arezki) This article is published in collaboration with IMF. Agriculture and food markets are plagued with inefficiencies that have dramatic consequences for