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Pakistan needs to focus on technical skills development

It is essential to equip students with technical education to help boost their capabilities. It will also help the country to move to the

Pakistan must connect with international bodies in genetic research

The government should take appropriate measures on war-footing basis to ensure smooth genetic manipulation practices in the country and to address international biosafety concerns

Punjab gets 97% Railway funds

(By Qadeer Tanoli) In its ongoing drive to repair, renovate and reconstruct stations of Pakistan Railways, the PML-N led federal government has so far

10 billion humans to feed by 2050

(By Rabah Arezki) This article is published in collaboration with IMF. Agriculture and food markets are plagued with inefficiencies that have dramatic consequences for

Pakistan-India water dispute: PM Nawaz counting on World Bank

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Thursday hoped that the World Bank would play a lead role in resolution of disputes arisen between India and Pakistan