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CPEC: China, Pakistan disregard US objections

Pakistan and China have strongly dismissed a statement from the American defence chief that the multibillion-dollar road and rail network, which is part of

Sixth Population Census of Pakistan has mixed results on urban growth

By Hina Shaikh Many have observed that Pakistan’s cities are growing fast, but until now that change has not been captured with the exacting

River Chenab pollution level crosses limits, fish toxic now

Fish species from the Chenab River can be toxic for human health and are potentially unfit for consumption due to the high level of

Poisoning Thar: Progress without responsibility

(By Ali Bhutto) The Price of Progress Amid the fields of guar and millet in the 2,700 acre trough near Gorano, in Islamkot taluka, there

China takes measures to minimize air pollution

All major public projects will be halted from November to March, when smog levels are often at their worst Almost all major public construction