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Drug abuse on the rise in Afghanistan

Listening to policemen in Islamabad and Lahore reveals that more and more of Pakistani youth are experimenting with new and dangerous drugs. College-going boys

In India being a non-Hindu Indian

By Karan Thapar The case reveals more about us than it does about him I wonder if the Prime Minister and his BJP colleagues

Capt (R) Safdar seems sick in the head

Capt Safdar’s tirade It was a diatribe both repugnant and dangerous, not only in what was said but also in terms of its wider

Social Media wants Capt (R) Safdar to be arrested for hate speech

Twitter users did not react kindly to Captain (retd) Muhammad Safdar’s recent National Assembly speech in which he had launched an attack on the Ahmadiyya

Should Pakistan opt for military rule?

Recently, former military dictator Pervaiz Musharraf made headlines. In an interview with BBC on Aug 2, he lauded the rules of former military dictators,