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How war hysteria is dragging in the film and media industry

Top Bollywood director Karan Johar promised not to work with Pakistani actors in the future after a right-wing group threatened to attack cinemas screening

Thailand to fix those against monarchy

Thailand’s justice minister has praised the taking of “social measures” against people who insult the monarchy. General Paiboon Kumchaiya’s comments come as police said

Open letter to Fareed Zakaria, “GPS” CNN

By Mohammad Abdul Hameed For quite some time, I believed that you were an honest person, with no bias against anybody. At least, one

India turns SAARC into anti-Pakistan platform

Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani has accused India of using the Saarc platform to further its political agenda against Pakistan. Mr Rabbani called upon the

Putting a price tag on educators

(By Faisal Bari) RIZWANA completed her Intermediate and then, having no other opportunities for jobs that her family would allow her to do, started