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Nawaz Sharif’s guards beat up news channel cameraman

(By Javed Hussain) Anger ensues as cameraman assaulted by security guards in Nawaz Sharif’s protocol A cameraman belonging to Samaa TV was violently assaulted by security

Another case of tourist harassment in Murree

Ten held for harassing tourist couple in Murree Police on Monday claimed to have arrested ten people allegedly involved in harassing a tourist couple

Is another mass extinction on the horizon?

The scientists who revealed what caused the “greatest crisis in the history of life of Earth”, have called for immediate action to halt the further

How Bhutto broke east and west Pakistan

The fall of Dhaka is one of those events in our history that we’d rather forget. No one talks about it nowadays, because it was the

Arctic disaster in the making

Date:December 11, 2018 Source:University of Alaska Fairbanks Summary:Seventy percent of the current infrastructure in the Arctic has a high potential to be affected by