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Trump’s condemning the condemned policies

A Syrian doctor and nurse have borne witness to Syrian war crimes. But they can’t travel to the U.N. to talk about it. In

Pakistani youth’s future in the hands of the ignorant

(By Atta-ur-Rahman) The plight of science and technology in Pakistan was recently highlighted by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain during

Coming back to America… not the same any more!

Last week, I was flying home from a work trip and faced Customs and Border Protection questioning unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in over

Trump’s travel ban challenged by tech giants

(By Jethro Mullen, CNN) Top U.S. tech firms are preparing to join the legal fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Companies including Twitter

Right to privacy: Educating the public and State Institutions

IT was a little over three years ago that Edward Snowden first contacted Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. The subsequent leak of thousands of