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Education vs Knowledge

(By AAFIYAT NAZAR) BESIDES the Quranic verses laying strong emphasis on acquiring knowledge, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Acquire knowledge from cradle to grave”. In

Medal and Meddle – Spirit of Olympics

How do you take your Olympic coffee – white, or black? In Rio, coffee is prepared from beans imported from countries across the world

Why Dr Sadia Ali fails to make a point

(By Brig Asif H. Raja) Dr. Sadia Ali has timed her article titled “The poor daughter of Baluchistan” in The News dated August 17,

Indian Independence Day: Clashes and deaths in Kashmir

Several people killed and wounded in separate clashes between protesters and security forces in disputed region. Several people, including a teenage boy, have been

Brexit: A call for freedom

IF there’s one thing that chafes French pride, it’s seeing the British steal the limelight. But in the face of real courage, even the