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Saudi Arabia’s discrimination against women continues

Saudi Arabia’s Shura or Advisory Council, in a sign that the kingdom is polarized over Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s plans to diversify

Who is responsible to gender bias in Pakistan

I recently watched a ten minute clip of a ‘discussion’ on some news channel featuring three Pakistani men, the voices of the Muslims in

A dream unfulfilled

FEW would disagree that under the present dispensation, the poor have little hope for a brighter future. Our planners, economists and policymakers admit the

The JIT route is effectively a dead end

It had all the makings of a landmark judicial case: a serving prime minister and his family accused of corruption; the petitioners representing an

Silent majority equally to be blamed Mashal’s brutal killing

(By Zoya Anwer) “Looking at the students who have come out to protest against the lynching of Mashal Khan, I feel a tinge of hope;