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Moon’s interior may contain water, Brown University scientists say

There may be water — a good bit of it — deep inside the moon, scientists at Brown University say. By analyzing satellite images,

The new age of technology

SURELY, and not very slowly, the robots are taking over. From the innocuous Roomba to self-driving cars and weapons that can effectively think for

Why is India drilling deep into an earthquake hotspot?

In the windswept skein of mountains in India’s Western Ghats, geologists are drilling some of Asia’s deepest boreholes in an audacious attempt to unlock

Apple’s Dangerous Market Grab in China

Apple announced last week that it will open a data center in Guizhou, China. This is a first-of-its-kind action by a major United States tech company

Nokia phones are coming back — and the newest model may have just leaked online

(By Jeff Dunn) The first high-end smartphone from HMD Global, the Finnish group making smartphones under the Nokia brand, will be called the Nokia