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Linking public commute and communication

I think every Pakistani has used a rickshaw once in their lifetime, be it a quick trip to the market or a ride to

China’s new space technology goals

China will develop rockets that can be launched into space from aircraft, a senior official told the state-run China Daily newspaper, as Beijing aims

Earth’s water origins, scientific debate

Scientists have been debating about the Earth’s basic water source for years, reaching two compelling theories, the Conversation reported. The first theory proposes water

Trappist-1F: A hope for life beyond earth

(By David Rothery ) Amazingly, the planets of TRAPPIST-1 span only a narrow range of sizes, not much different to Earth. There have been

Life on Mars, Chile’s Atacama desert may provide some clues

Astrobiologists seeking to understand where life might be found on Mars, and what form it might take, are finding that the Atacama desert in