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Plastic eating caterpillars discovered

Federica Bertocchini, a researcher who studies chicken embryos in Spain, is a beekeeper in her spare time. She was cleaning some old beehives recently and

Internet’s creator views on how it is used

The World Wide Web needs a complete rethink to prevent spying and the spread of “nasty, mean ideas” on social media websites, its inventor,

Scientists getting close to origins of dreams

(By Hannah Osborne) The brain’s dream factory has been identified, with scientists finding a so-called “hot zone” that can be used to predict if a person

Rise of Muslim startups changing how people shop, travel and more

The restaurant is rated five stars on Tripadvisor, but is the food halal? Ubud has a cute shopping district, but are there boutiques with

World’s first robot wife

(By Benjamin Haas) Zheng Jiajia had grown tired of pressure to get married so he turned to Yingying, a robot spouse he constructed last year.