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Online security weaknesses can compromise your home

Cyber crime has moved closer to home than ever. The cyber attack that slowed many popular websites to a crawl last week is attracting

New development in stone tool theory

The creation of primitive stone tools has long been hailed as a landmark in the human odyssey — but should our species’ much-trumpeted smartness

“ALLO” a new smart messenger by Google launched

Google has launched its latest mobile chat app, Allo, and with it Google Assistant – a chatbot that can be used in online conversations

Japan shows flying drone with arms

Japanese company Prodrone has released what it calls “the world’s first dual robot arm large-format drone”, with the ability to carry heavy objects and

So what does the world think of the new iPhone 7

After what seemed like a lifetime of anticipation and speculation, the iPhone 7 was finally unveiled at an Apple event on Wednesday. The tech giant has come