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The coming mobile network revolution

Modern digitisation has pushed the limits of mobile phone communication, operated by cellular technology, to evolve at an astounding pace. Although not very popular

Holding back a sneeze can kill you

(By Sarah Knapton) Don’t hold in a sneeze, warn doctors. It could be the death of you. When sitting in a quiet theatre or

How European invaders brought death to ancient Aztecs

In 1545 disaster struck Mexico’s Aztec nation when people started coming down with high fevers, headaches and bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose.

Neuromorphic Processors: Next wave of AI

(By Usman Pirzada) Intel Announces ‘Loihi’ A Revolutionary Neuromorphic ‘Self-Learning’ Chip Which Can Simulate 130 Million Synapses Intel recently held their CES Keynote and while

Narcan… hope for the addicts

(By Alexandra Rockey Fleming) For families of addicts, Narcan has truly been a lifesaving drug Beth Schmidt always begins her opioid-awareness sessions by introducing her