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Can AI and Humanity coexist?

Technological Revolution Speaking at the launch of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) in Cambridge, science icon Stephen Hawking warned listeners

Politicians and Twitter: Tweet responsibly

THE internet revolution that came to Pakistan in 1996 has, 20 years on, had massive impact on all walks of life — academic, cultural,

Malaysia’s iFlix challenges Netflix in Pakistan

One wonders why the advent of 3G and 4G services took so long as Pakistan has seen a host of businesses either enter or

The super electric car from Faraday

Automotive startup Faraday Future has unveiled a self-driving vehicle capable of accelerating faster than any other electric car on the market. In a video

Undiscovered human body, new organ found

Scientists have recently discovered what they are calling a new human organ that exists in the digestive system. While mesentery’s presence was always known,