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Pakistan to soon get 5G data networks

Highlighting the country’s progress in terms of telecommunication, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal said that the government will soon be

Is Apple falling because of Xiaomi and Huawei?

Apple itself admits that it didn’t have the greatest quarter ever in Q2 when it comes to China. Now, a report from market research

Mh370 flown into water, says expert

Larry Vance tells 60 Minutes the ‘flaperon’ found in Madagascar was extended at time of landing, suggesting rogue pilot brought plane down. A section

Clouds changing their paths and formations

In a new study published in Nature on Monday, scientists say they have for the first time thoroughly documented one of the most profound

World after antibiotics

In early April, experts at a military lab outside Washington intensified their search for evidence that a dangerous new biological threat had penetrated the