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The mystery of Fort of Rannikot

Tanvir Ahmad Khan, with whom I share this page, emailed to say that at a dinner with the French ambassador and his wife, the

Indus Civiliaztion – A non-violent state

(By Haneen Rafi) Prof Jonathan Mark Kenoyer’s lecture, held at the IBA on Tuesday, was akin to being transported to the historic sites of the

Remains of an ancient village in Pakistan’s Potohar

(By Ammad Ali) Ammad Ali traces the history of a Potohar village through two of its leading families – and the architecture that they left

As ice melts, Polar bears fade away

Polar bear numbers could drop a third by mid-century, according to the first systematic assessment, released on Wednesday, of how dwindling Arctic sea ice

The unreal Faroe Islands

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to visit some of the most remote 18 islands in the world, called the Faroe Islands. They