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Australian traveler’s love for Pakistan

Sophee Smiles is an Australian travel, culture and lifestyle blogger with an edge. She’s committed to testing her limits, leaping outside of her comfort

Katas Raj Temples, a 1500 years history

Spreading its beauty near Chakwal in Punjab province of Pakistan, the most reverenced among all the temples is the Katas Raj Temples. In a

A hill station called Murree

In the days of the British raj, when the white-hot sun of the subcontinent’s summer drained colonial administrators of energy and patience, and stifling

16 years later, bodies of climbers emerge from Himalayan glaciers

The bodies of top mountaineer Alex Lowe and his cameraman have been found in a Himalayan glacier, 16 years after they were buried by

Gojal: The unending beauty of Pakistan’s North

(By SYED MEHDI BUKHARI) It’s the second week of November. There is a tremendous silence around me; snowflakes fall gently from the sky. The