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Kalash – A way of life

I follow the faint traces of a river, stretched across a barren and rocky yet captivating landscape. Winding along the river and skirting around

Kashmir’s ancient history never talked about

(By Ranjit Hoskote) Speaking Stones Why the vast spread of Neolithic cultures across South Asia goes unnoticed SAY ‘KASHMIR’, and most people would reach

Images of Syria before the destruction

(By John Gendall) A Traveller’s Record of Syrian Monuments Before the War. In April, 2009, Peter Aaron, a veteran architectural photographer, went on vacation with

Why no tourists despite visa on arrival offer

There has been no tourist from any of the 24 countries recently offered a visa-on-arrival facility by Pakistan in a bid to revive the

Lets promote “Amazing Pakistan”

Imagine planning out a holiday to an exotic country. A country rich in culture and history. You want to just relax for a week,