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International traveler Cynthia’s views on Pakistan

(By Nida Mujahid Hussain) When it comes to Pakistan, it won’t be wrong to say that the western media in the context of entirety

Pakistan’s mighty rivers tamed by outlanders

Pakistan is known the world over for being a country rife with crime and terrorism, and more often that not, portrayed in a negative

Pakistan’s ski resort reopens destroying Taliban

(By DRAZEN JORGIC) Atop the piste of Malam Jabba in Pakistan’s once dangerous Swat Valley skiers schuss downhill, a new Chinese-built chairlift ferries tourists

Zoe Viccaji can show you heaven on earth


The mystery of Fort of Rannikot

Tanvir Ahmad Khan, with whom I share this page, emailed to say that at a dinner with the French ambassador and his wife, the