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Aliens, underground activity… the deep hum that doesn’t stop

A strange low-level humming noise has been emerging at a Canadian city for years, which has left local residents with poor health unable to

Pakistan adopts Mandarin as official language

The Pakistan Senate on Monday declared ‘Mandarin’ as one of the official languages of Pakistan. The decision was taken at the senate’s concluding session

Book Review: Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi

Absurdist morality fable meets horror fantasy as a victim of sectarian violence is brought back to life in Iraq  An Iraqi man repairs radios

Operation Red Sea” China’s movie showcasing nations’ confidence

“When I asked [the Chinese navy] to what extent they can lend me help, the answer I received was ‘anything you want we will

Arctic melt is a very serious warning

“DUE to the global warming, please keep the Snowhotel door closed” reads a sign at the entrance to what appears to be a giant