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Japan’s Cherry blossoms confused by freak weather

Extreme weather thought to have stripped trees of their leaves, which usually secrete hormones to prevent flowering The arrival of Japan’s famed cherry blossoms is the

Pakistan Supreme Court asks for removal of unjust taxes on mobiles connections

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Tuesday barred all cellular companies from deducting service charges tax on post paid networks. According to details, Justice Saqib

Why didn’t Stephen Hawking believe in existence of God?

(By GAEL FASHINGBAUER COOPER) ‘There is no God,’ Stephen Hawking writes in final book The late physicist’s last book tackles Brief Answers to the

Antarctic Ice Sheff making weird noises

(By Brian Kahn) Scientists Discover a Weird Noise Coming From Antarctic Ice Shelf The Antarctic is no stranger to weird sounds, from ancient trapped air

PEW research sees PPP, PML-N as looters and plunderers

PML-N, PPP ‘looted country like East India Company’: PEW ‘Masses should understand that the country cannot be run on the basis of loans forever’