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Kashmir’s executed hero Afzal Guru

The 9th of February 9 is being celebrated as the martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Afzal Guru whom India secretly hanged and buried inside the

No honor in killing

(By Nicholas Kristof) WHETHER it wins or not, the Oscar nominee with the greatest impact — saving lives of perhaps thousands of girls —

Why is USA in favour of increasing nuclear war probability in South Asia

(By Ayaz Ahmed) The US is leaving no stones unturned to bring India into the fold of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). In this

India not fit to host T20

Islamabad will launch a diplomatic offensive against New Delhi and seek change of venue for the upcoming International Cricket Council’s World T20 tournament scheduled

Addressing water scarcity

Recently, the IMF classified water scarcity as an economic threat to Pakistan, a statement that greatly undermines the colossal socioeconomic impacts that can result