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Kindness: How the victims saved the attacker

Abraham Davis had his mouth open, but no words were coming out. We were sitting together on his mother’s couch near her Christmas tree

A little boy finds a friend as he fights cancer

Boy with cancer forms friendship with garbage truck driver A Sammamish boy and the man who picks up the garbage on his block have

Its Merry Christmas no matter what your faith is

Billions of Christians around the world are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend. Those in the world’s second-largest religious community, Muslims, don’t share quite

When human life mattered

Expressing concern over the growing incidents of human rights violation, former Chief Justice of India R M Lodha said people have been slaughtered in

Canada: When different faiths work together

TORONTO MOSQUE AND CHURCH COLLABORATE TO SERVE FREE LUNCH A mosque and a church in downtown Toronto have formed a partnership to serve a