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Usman Iftikhar wins Commonwealth Young Person of the Year award

An Australian who helps refugees start their own businesses has received an award from the Commonwealth’s newly appointed youth ambassador, Prince Harry. Usman Iftikhar

Protest art and emerging culture

Forget slick. Political battles are now won with knocked-up posters, placards and memes, not flash campaigns. And museums are scrambling to scoop up these

A true and final act of ultimate bravery

The French police officer who swapped places with a female supermarket employee being held hostage had already received a lifetime of accolades by the

Kindness: How the victims saved the attacker

Abraham Davis had his mouth open, but no words were coming out. We were sitting together on his mother’s couch near her Christmas tree

A little boy finds a friend as he fights cancer

Boy with cancer forms friendship with garbage truck driver A Sammamish boy and the man who picks up the garbage on his block have