Ignoring the “un-hidden” agenda


    Nawaz Sharif tagged or more appropriately nagged along by Pakistan’s pseudo Joan of Arc or shall we say Mary Antoinette; Maryam Nawaz and her loyal band of Party hounds is showing telltale signs of mental disorientation, psychiatric fatigue and harrowing hallucination. All the signs of a sick and sinking man dissolving piece by piece in the thick brew of hatred, betrayal and unmitigated lust for power he created around him.

    He seems to have entered a phase of his life where what has passed becomes a vast indistinct haze and what appears before is actually a misty mirage. One in such an awfully foggy state of existence is a potential and moving disaster if such a person had been a holder of the highest political office thrice. It can cause havoc at any time with built in ability of a proverbial Black Hole which draws in everything around to virtual and inalterable annihilation. His Party would be the first to evaporate in the incinerator he has himself set up.

    Sanity and prudence are slipping away from him and suicidal madness of a sort seems to be gripping him. He is also woefully running short of discretion and a sense of responsibility for his manufactured or selective disclosures wrapped as some kind of facts. He could not care less what might be the consequences for the country. The driving fear of impending imprisonment and loss of power and wealth seems to have unmasked his coarse self completely and most regrettably

    Past few weeks are full of what could become an Albatross around his and his Party’s neck. For brevity’s sake lets discuss a few. He claimed that during dharna head of an intelligence agency (read ISI) sent him a message to either resign or proceed on long leave. That Mr. Nawaz Sharif is a typical forgery right out of Ittefaq Foundary. The fact is that you were completely unsure of yourself as the protest began to become strident. YOU sought his advice and he rendered it to the best of his professional judgment, right. He could not have told you to set up a garden party in the lush lawns of the PM House.

    That you could have ‘sacked your subordinate’ but for good form sake you did not. It was not really good form but that you had no will left to do so particularly after having vacated the PM House in a panic.

    However devious that most of you are, the unwelcome advice was latter paid in full and with profit during a planted attack on a favorite TV anchor and the unprecedented but approved smear campaign run by Geo TV against your own high official. Your criminal partiality along with likes of Pervaiz Rashid in this ugly episode are well documented. Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds you thought was clever stratagem and will pay. But duplicity never pays.

    The threat to unveil secrets about PTI-PAT dharna is music. How welcome. Thereafter be also prepared to listen to the sweet symphonies that the other side could play for you. Your usual monkey tricks could fail you this time against a hurricane of live and factual show as it is only their inbuilt self-restraint which prevents them from dismantling the whole circus brick by brick.

    However before that do find out why Shahbaz not only failed to stop but facilitated even the subsequent Tehrik e Labbaik dharna which travelled with fanfare all the way from Lahore? Do also ask your other pet, the celebrated son in law what was he doing with bags full of money in the middle of ferocious Labbaik mullahs squatting over Faizabad interchange. This time again your handpicked tail wagging Prime Minister requested the Army Chief to help disperse the odious crowd. He obliged and true to your base material all of you conveniently placed the entire blame at the GHQ’s doorsteps. Very well-done indeed.

    PML(N) must be the only administration in the world that tricks and undermines its own Army, Intelligence agencies, Judiciary and even its own puppet Prime Minister. One had to see these men of straw stammer tongue tied and fidgeting in thief pockets for chits when it comes to facing characters like Modi, Ashraf Ghani or President Obama. Their long sharp tongues shrink to a dot and their peasant cunning just whimpers or mumbles miserably.

    Gen Durrani? What about him?? Pakistan Army occasionally brings up a freak to its lasting embarrassment. He has always been in a sense of proportion, a complicated case right from the beginning and passed off as a thinker- strategist. He served where ever appointed including as your ambassador in Saudi Arabia not as a duty but a favor to the outfit. Expect anything from him.

    Late President Ishaque Khan was a very experienced and mature senior bureaucrat. He was also a very shrewd judge of men. Many many years ago he had predicted in one of his special private moments, ‘Remember this man Nawaz Sharif is a serious security hazard’. NS had proven him right after more than a decade of these prophetic words. But you don’t really care.