iPhone 5! disappeared?

Ever wish the latest piece of technology that hadn’t yet hit the shelves was suddenly dropped upon your lap to play with as you see fit? If you hang out in San Francisco bars around Apple’s office, you may not have to wish long. It seems as though a particularly slippery-fingered Apple employee lost track of the newest iPhone prototype – the extremely high-status and coveted iPhone 5.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that it was officially lost, but let’s look at the supporting facts and history. Those well-versed in their internet drama will remember fondly this same situation happening when the iPhone 4 was just about to hit.

Apple employee walked into a bar last holding the most sought after piece of electronic device at that time. He left without it, and drama ensued. A writer from Gizmodo found himself suddenly in possessionof the misplaced iPhone. What did an unreleased prototype of the iPhone go for those days? The writer reportedly paid $5000 in cash for the phone.

Apple didn’t take kindly to the news; fearing that their not-yet-released iPhone 4 was about to be dismantled and recorded on video for all the world to see, they denied everything publicly. Meanwhile, they hunted down and searched the home of one of his house, seizing property and searching his possessions for any sign of the iPhone. The iPhone was returned right away.

Will it be that easy for Apple to get the iPhone 5 back? Maybe. Apparently, someone hawked it on Craigslist for around $200 bucks. It’s possible they didn’t know it was the new iPhone 5 as the new phone looks identical to the iPhone 4. You’d have to boot it up and compare the software to the iPhone 4 to notice a difference.

While Apple did manage to track down the phone, they got no answers to where it led them. Reportedly, the young man linked to the Craigslist post had no idea what Apple was talking about when they demanded their prototype back. Even after they offered the confused guy money to fess up, he still plead ignorance.

There has been no word on whether or not this prototype has been found. Not to worry, the rumors of the release date of the new iPhone 5 is still October 7th.