More journalists in India under life threat for speaking against Hindu extremists

More journalists in India under life threat for speaking against Hindu extremistsDelhi Police on Thursday registered an FIR against a man who openly threatened to eliminate four eminent women and a noted journalist, all of whom he termed “anti-national”, a senior police officer said.

The FIR was registered following a complaint from journalist Sagarika Ghose whose name appears in the list of women which include authors Shobha De and Arundhati Roy, and activists Kavitha Krishnan and Shehla Rashid.

“We have registered an FIR after receiving a complaint from Sagarika Ghose under the Information Technology (IT) Act. She, in her complaint, stated that she saw an open threat posts from a man who had two different accounts on the names of ‘Vikram Aditya Rana and Vikramjb Rana’ at social networking site Facebook. He is a native of Shillong,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Anyesh Roy told IANS.

“She said that Rana on Tuesday posted and shared his posts openly on his Facebook account, calling her and four other women activists including journalists as anti-nationals who masquerade as journalists and activists,” Roy said.

“We received some screenshots copies along with the complaint by Ghose and have asked Facebook officials about the details of Rana, related to his accounts and email ids to track him. His IP address is being traced,” the officer added.

On the day, noted Kannada woman journalist Gauri Lankesh gunned down by unknown assailants outside her residence in Bengaluru, Rana had written a vituperative post on his Facebook wall, praising her killers, he said. “…. Serves her & her kind right for d damages these so called journos have caused our nation. Sagarika Ghose & Arundhati Roy, Kavitha Krishnan, Shiela Rashid, Umar Khalid, Kanhaiyya should be at the top of the list now,” Rana had posted, said Roy.

In another post, he wrote: ‘Let the shooting of #GauriLankesh serve as an example to those anti-nationals who masquerade as journalists & activists. I hope this is not d last in a should be an episode of serial assassinations of all anti nationals. Shobha De; Arundhati Roy; Sagarika Ghose; Kavitha Krishnan; Shiela Rashid etc at d end of a list that should start with anti-national & treacherous politicians. A hit list is prepared to eliminate all those on the list. At last a ray of hope.”

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