Kashmir freedom slogans ccho in USA

Kashmir freedom slogans ccho in USAScores of Kashmiri-Americans, who had gathered for a cultural event in California,  raised pro-freedom slogans in solidarity with the people back home.

During a Cultural event organised by Kashmiri diaspora community, several members raised the Azadi slogans to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

Many people attending the event were caught by surprise when slogans like ‘Hum Kya Chahte Azadi’ echoed during the event.

After chanting Azadi slogans, the diaspora also played the traditional patriotic song ‘Lehra Aey Kashmir Ke Jhande’ to honor the flag and sentiments of Kashmiris, and also to pay respect to those who have rendered sacrifices, a participant said.

A non-resident Kashmiri residing in Los Angeles said, “Azadi slogans were raised to show solidarity with our people back home and to reinforce their belief that Non-resident Kashmiris haven’t forgotten them at all.”

He said that the Kashmiri expats are completely in agreement with struggling people in Kashmir.

“Even though we are miles apart from home but we can never overlook the human rights violation, atrocities, oppression, and abuse of rights of our people in Kashmir,” he added.

Kashmir Observer