Kim Barker Exposes Nawaz Sharif

Kim Barker Exposes Nawaz SharifI was actually going to put up a different post, on Pak-US relations, tonight but some last minute technical glitches mean that post will have to wait another day at least. Meanwhile, the next big political scandal is about to hit the headlines so I thought we could give you all a bit of a heads-up.

Video clip from Mubashar Lucman’s Show:

Some of you may have already heard about the Kim Barker – Nawaz Sharif hullabaloo (if you haven’t, I can assure you you will be hearing a lot more of it in the coming days). I learnt about it only after a journo colleague mentioned it in vague terms. Then I came across a clip of Mubashar Lucman’s show on Dunya TVfrom a couple of days ago discussing the same in his usual sensational manner (which @kamran9558 sent us). In case you don’t have any idea of what I’m referring to, it basically involves what former South Asia correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and current ProPublica reporter Kim Barker has written in her book The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan about her interactions with Sharif. Let’s just say that it doesn’t paint an entirely flattering picture of the former prime minister. The book came out in the US about a month ago and having sold out in bookstores across Pakistan (probably in small numbers), is being re-ordered in large quantities.

We all know why Dunya would be interested in making the contents of this book into an issue (Dunya’s owner,Mian Aamir Mahmood, is of course associated with Sharif’s rival party the PMLQ). Now Sharif’s other nemesis, General Musharraf has jumped into the fraycalling on Sharif to apologize to the nation for, according to him, helping Barker find the whereabouts of Mumbai attacker Ajmal Qasab‘s hometown and for leaking “important intelligence reports of the country” to her. It should be pointed out that the book is about much more than Sharif (it is scathing, for example, about Afghan President Hamid Karzai who Barker calls “whiny and conflicted, a combination of Woody Allen, Chicken Little and Jimmy Carter”). But, as far as Pakistan is concerned, I am willing to bet that the Sharif-related episodes are what are going to sell this book.

I have to admit that I found the Nawaz Sharif-related writing hilarious. It confirmed much of what one already knows about Sharif, his ability to be easily distracted, his obsession with hi-tech gadgetry and his inherent shyness which manifests itself in an inability to communicate. But unfortunately for him, it also depicts a lonely, almost desperate man. I say unfortunately for him because it is this evidence of his humanity which is probably going to be used by his political opponents to attack him.

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  • Tony Racker

    Good work Kim!

    These politicians are corrupt and merely respected by any civilized society. By now you must have understood their dealing standards. They come to power from poor of the poorest vote yet live a life of
    elitist of all.

    Stay away from these culprits who are still looking to fool around at this old age.

  • zaigham

    We can never finalize anything by just hearing one side’s story. It’s a book by a Jewish American writer and anyone can write any thing about anyone. In my previous job i dealt with Americans and i know them personally how corrupt and sharp their minds are i.e. they always tend to weaken us. I am not in favor of Nawaz sharif but one has to accept that Nawaz shairif is more inclined towards Islam than any other non-religious political parties.
    Long Live Pakistan. F you Americans!

  • Kashif

    Kim, I don’t like this filthy creature of Pakistan (politicians) but What evidence do you have? You at least have that iPhone as an evidence of all this. You also wrote that he always asked to turn your recorder off and you did, then how you can prove it that you have all this conversation with Sharif?

    Pakistani politicians are the worst people on the face of earth but you American journalists are equal and you people have proved this time to time like Iraq war, Palestine conflict, Afghanistan and on so many occasions.

  • Proteus

    Oh my God!! What a stinking book by this author. Nawaz Sharif is a creep no doubt. This is not the first time he was trying to find his way into the authors’ skirts he has been like this since birth. Not only he but his brother Shahbaz Sharif too.

    It wonders me that why was the author trying to see him again and again. Women ofcourse know what a man wants. Was Kim trying to be a cock teaser.

    No ma’am you don’t have a case through this book, you are trying to dramatize the situation. Any prudent reader would label you as a “slut” before examining the case of that idiot lion.

  • Tallat

    Well Kim you how old are you. I think you used that man Job well done he was a source you utilized him and you mentioned free food .
    You enjoyed meeting him again and again even a 16 year would know what a man wants and by writing about it you have shown what a slut you are that is journalism at its best ,honestly you are a shame on journalism .

  • rao muhammad shahid

    sheref brothers are carecterless leders if they are tru they calem the demegs

  • Anwar Khalil Sheikh

    July 31, 2011

    It has put all of us into shame but “Sharifs” (Sharif means “gentle”)are least pushed about.

    • Anwar Khalil Sheikh

      I do not understand what is a “moderation”?. All I have tried to say is that Nawaz Shaqrif’s episode has put all of us into shame but there is no reaction from Sharifs or remourse expressed by those who still support him


    its just a one side story…………..nothing else


    Let Nawaz Sharief to comment on this book. listening other side is our moral duty.

  • PAKI

    just one sided story we cant trust only one persons comments .
    but what really disturbs me that why any reaction isn`t being taken by sharif????

  • Fahad Hassan

    well i am really ashamed that our leaders are like this. i know several insights of every politician’s life but have no words to express the grief. A better option would be to call a full parliament meeting and bomb them all . clean sweep. may Pakistan live long . PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • Kim as not as good looking as Sharif can have on just one call … and many points of her conversation make me feel like she is telling by adding more to what exactly had happened …

    Nawaz can have better than this ugly girl who wont write his conversation on media but still we just need a small thing written by american to point to out our ppl even if its wrong

  • Kim a wonderful job of exposing a two bit thug NS really is NS and people like him are parasites for the nation, and I can expect from him coming on to you, and some of the comments people have written just shows how some people look at things by their religion, I still don’t understand why Muslim will demoniac every Jew, My beloved Prophet traded with Jews, Christen alike, while their are good and bad people in every religion, and as for being an American, I would say they are probably the best people on earth, yes I also disagree with some of the American Government policies and Iraq and Afghan war are two of them and as for Palestinian & Israel conflict, American Government has not made a honest effort to solve this issue, like one of my American fried said to me their is no upside in peace, unfortunately the big corporations make money in war, and the world is being run by big corporations. Good Luck continue the good work.