Multan police registers blasphemy case against Pak Ambassador

sherry-rehman-670Multan police has registered a blasphemy case against Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, a report published in the BBCUrdu said.

The case was registered on a complaint made by Faheem Gill, a citizen of Multan.

In his complaint, Gill has alleged that Rehman had committed blasphemy while speaking during a program aired on a private television channel on Nov 30, 2010.

The complainant said Rehman was speaking on the country’s blasphemy laws and had made some statements which were tantamount to committing blasphemy.

Multan’s senior superintendent police Ghulam Shabbir Jafri told the BBC that the case had been registered and the complainant had also been made part of the investigation. He added that evidence was being collected with regard to the case.

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