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Murder of Khalid Jabara

(By Christopher Mathias) In a time of rising Islamophobia and anti-Arab hate, a beloved Oklahoma man is gunned down. The Jabara family left Lebanon in

India fumes after Dawood Ibrahim’s address blunder

The Foreign Office on Tuesday said India’s propaganda that Dawood Ibrahim was based in Pakistan has got a major setback when the UN Security

Burkini gives women freedom

(By Aheda Zanetti) The burkini does not symbolise Islam, it symbolises leisure and happiness and fitness and health. So who is better, the Taliban or

Indian actress becomes target in her own country for praising Pakistan

An Indian movie actress who did not agree with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s description of Pakistan as “hell” and said she was treated well

India’s aversion to peace in Kashmir

(By Amna Ejaz Rafi) The issue of Kashmir dates back to partition. At the time of partition, 80 percent of the area’s population was