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A new tiny frog discovered in India

Scientists have discovered four new species of miniature night frogs small enough to sit on a fingernail in a remote part of India, according

Supreme Court angry over NAB chief remarks, PML-N lawyers worry

(By Hasnaat Malik) The head of the country’s anti-graft watchdog has refused to challenge the Lahore High Court’s 2013 verdict which quashed the 17-year-old

Students must challenge corruption – DG NAB Awareness

The youth have a duty to challenge corruption since they have the power to bring about change in the social, political and economical dynamics.

Pakistani students to get 200 scholarships from Hungary

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Hungary have signed an agreement for scholarships under which 200 Pakistani students would be able to study in

Pakistan must connect with international bodies in genetic research

The government should take appropriate measures on war-footing basis to ensure smooth genetic manipulation practices in the country and to address international biosafety concerns