Police batoncharge National Commission for Human Development protesters

Police batoncharge, protestersAt least one dozen people including six women were wounded by police baton charge and tear gas firing when employees of National Commission for Human Development were protesting against the devolution of the organization.

The employees NCHD staged protest in front of Parliament House here against the winding up of the organizations after the refusal of the provinces to adopt them on the pretext of devolution. Police fired tear gas shells and used baton charge to scatter the demonstrators, which resulted in injuries to at least 12 protesters while six women fainted. Protesters demanded if the provinces were not willing to run this organization and their projects due to shortage of funds, the Federal Govt should ensure their smooth functioning by allocating funds.The NCHD was established in 2002 in response to the recommendations of the task force with the mandate to promote human development by supporting government line departments, non-government organizations and elected officials at the district level in primary education, literacy, income-generating activities and provision of basic healthcare services.

Our staff reporter from Islamabad adds: The demonstrators wanted to go to the Parliament House.

However, police intervened and fired teargas shells at protestors, leaving several of them unconscious. In response, the protestors also pelted stone at the police leaving few of them injured.

When TheNation contacted, SP City Capt (Retd) Mohammad Ilyas said around 20 protestors had been arrested by the police and were put in the lockups of the Secretariat, Kohsar and Aabpara police stations. Some of policemen and protesters got minor injuries during the scuffle, he added.

Rejecting the closure of NCHD from July 1, the protestors chanted slogans against the government.

They demanded of the government to immediately withdraw its decision on closure of NCHD. They also announced to continue the protest till approval of their demands.

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