Punjab Police ASI runs prostitution ring under CM nose

kidnapp“I am standing outside the Chief Minister’s House for the seventh week in a row. My 14-year-old daughter, Maiza, was kidnapped by Punjab Police Assistant Sub Inspector Manzoor Ahmad,” said Farzana Bibi, a widow. The said ASI is notorious for running a prostitution ring in Sabzazar. She said she had submitted an application in the CM Complaint Cell but had not got any response. She had also contacted the Lahore CCPO and chief justice Lahore High Court and chief justice of Supreme Court in an attempt to get any information or news about her child but to no avail.

“I will set myself on fire if my child is not recovered,” she said. Farzana Bibi is the same lady whose two daughters were allegedly kidnapped by the son of ASI Manzoor and put on sale in Rawalpindi. Her daughters were sold at a price of Rs 4 lakh each, but were later recovered by the Punjab police. The police arrested ASI Manzoor and his two sons. According to reports, the ASI admitted that he had been in this business for many years. According to sources, Manzoor was supervising the group that was involved in prostitution business and their targets were poor girls who were lured by promises of a ‘bright future.’ Farzana Bibi’s daughters fell victim to such promises and were kidnapped and sold. With a stroke of luck, the police found them and they were sent home. However, the good luck did not last long. ASI Manzoor once again kidnapped one of her daughters in order to blackmail the family into withdrawing their application against him. Farzana had submitted an application to the chief minister in an attempt to bring the ASI to justice, but she claimed that high-ups in the police were trying to bury the matter. She said ASI Manzoor’s wife was running a brothel in broad daylight and the police were blatantly ignoring the illegal activity. “I am receiving death threats and my daughter has been kidnapped again. If nothing is done soon, I will commit suicide in front of the CM’s tent office,” she said. “Every policeman in the area is aware of the injustice being done to Farzana and her daughter,” said Shahbaz, a resident of the area. “No one is doing anything because the police are just as involved in the crime as the criminals themselves.” He said the residence of the area also visited the CM office but officials did not allow them to meet with the CM, as according to them, he did not have time.

He said that setting up camp offices was just a political drama because the poor were begging for justice and nothing is being done. According to a police official of Sabzazar, it was true that Manzoor was being secured by the police and even the CCPO was aware of this case. He said last month police recovered the girls but due to some inside involvement in the police, one girl was kidnapped again. He said their hands were tied until the CCPO gave them order .

Pakistan Today