Shatrughan Sinha’s enlightened view on real issues

Shatrughan Sinha's enlightened view on real issuesBollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha has spoken up about the rising incidences of mob activity and lynching in India, saying that it’s high time people started discussing “real” issues instead of just commenting on Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan.

The Dostana star is stressed about the present situation but happy at the show of solidarity from the Indian film fraternity against these gruesome acts. Nonetheless, Shatrughan couldn’t help but suggest that B-town should have a united upfront and address important issue more, rather than talking about Fawad’s future in Bollywood, reported Deccan Chronicle.

“My friend Shabana Azmi has always been fearless in protesting against anti-establishment issues. I wish more from the film fraternity would come forward to speak up about real issues, rather than waste time discussing whether Fawad Khan should or should not be acting in Indian films,” Shatrughan stated.

The Bollywood veteran added, “I strongly condemn the lack of urgent and immediate police action against mobs that pick on individuals. This is a new trend, and it is spreading across the country. If we don’t control it now, we will soon be staring in the face of utter chaos, with the mobs deciding what we should eat and what we should wear.”

Without taking any names, Shatrughan urged there is a need for stronger action against mob attacks. “I am afraid the condemnation of mob attacks is a case of too little too late. We need much sterner action.”

The unfortunate incidences have left Shatrughan deeply mortified. “We are all Indians first, then Hindus or Muslims. The hapless Muslim boy Junaid, who was lynched on a train on the eve of Eid was also an Indian. What crime had he committed? Who decides what is the correct way for an Indian to eat or behave?”

Never one to mince his words, the Naseeb star wondered why goons and self-appointed moralists think they can decide what others wear or what they eat. “Why should we be told what to eat and what to wear? Are we not responsible citizens? It is time strict laws are implemented against this mob mentality. Otherwise, democracy is heading towards mobocracy,” Shatrughan warned.

According to Shatrughan, everyone is wasting their time on non-issues. “What example are our politicians setting? One of them has been caught on camera urinating in public. Just the other day, a young man was lynched for trying to stop public urination. If public figures spread the wrong message, how can we control mob mentality?” he stressed.

Shatrughan stressed upon the urgent need for swift laws in India. “I’ve always considered our Prime Minister the biggest action hero of our country. It is time for him to take firm and swift actions against those who take the law into their hands. The lynching mobs represent only the hooligan class,” he concluded.

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